The Pop Rocks World Singing Contest

YouTube singers, this is your chance to be immortalized in a huge mobile game!

If you are an aspiring singer, and you are looking for ways to get noticed by a record label or to get more fans, here's your CHANCE!

We are the developers of the hit music career RPG game - POP ROCKS WORLD - and we are offering the opportunity for you to be immortalized in our game forever, and be known to the hundreds of thousands of players who are already playing Pop Rocks World.

Read on to find out how to enter our contest!

Current contest ends - 1st May 2013

Become a featured celebrity in Pop Rocks World!


Follow these simple instructions to join!


  1. Upload a video of yourself singing a cover of any song, or even your own original composition to Youtube

  2.  In the video, explain why you are entering in this contest (which is to be featured in the Pop Rocks World as a featured celeb) 

  3. The Title must include the words - 'Pop Rocks World Entry'
  4. Include the Pop Rocks World iTunes link in the video description:

  5.  Drop us an email at with the following header - 'I joined the Pop Rocks World Singing Contest - (your name)' and give us the link to your Youtube video, or fill out the entry form on the right so that we know you joined the contest

  6. That's all!


Here's what you will be winning!



1.You will be featured as a special celebrity within Pop Rocks World and provide helpful tips to other players!




2.You will be featured as a special celeb boss within the Pop Rocks Arena and other players will be able to challenge you to a music showdown!




3. We will give you a special bio page and display your website, Facebook page and Youtube channel!

Check out Pop Rocks World!


Feel free to drop us a mail if your questions are not answered!

How long would you run the contest?
We intend to run the contest for as long as possible. Every contest cycle lasts 2.5 months, which means we will pick a winner every 2.5 months. 

How many winners would you pick for every contest cycle?
Just one.

How would you determine the winner?
We will pick the winner based on his/her talent (to our best judgement) and how many views, comments and likes his/her video generates. Singers who write their own songs will get a bonus advantage.

How long will the winner be featured?
We will feature the winner for as long as he/she puts up the winning video.

How do we contact you?
You can drop us a mail at

  1. Besides your entry, we also welcome any feedback, questions or comments